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The Low Cost Airlines Guide to Italy

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Low cost airlines flying to Italy

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Low cost flights between the United Kingdom and Italy

EasyJet is one of the best options to fly low cost to Italy.
Current EasyJet routes include:

Rome to London, Bristol, Newcastle
Venise to London, Bristol, east Midlands
Milano to London, Bristol, Edinburgh
Naples to London, Liverpool
Pisa to London and Bristol
Torino to London
Palermo (Sicily) to London
Cagliari (Sardinia) to London.
Olbia (Sardinia) to London and Bristol.

EasyJet also links Italy to France, Spain, Greece, Romania, Malta, Morocco, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Click here to book a cheap flight to Italy with EasyJet.

Flybe Offers some of the cheapest prices from Southern England to France.

Milan to Birmingham and Manchester.

Click here to visit FlyBe website.

Low cost flights with Jet2 Jet2 flies low cost from several airports in France to its bases in the UK :

Milan to Leeds / Bradford.
Pisa to Leeds / Bradford.
Rome to Leeds / Bradford and Manchester.
Venice to Belfast, Leeds / Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle.

Olbia to Edinburgh and Leeds.

Book here a low cost flight with Jet2

Meridiana is an italian low cost carrier offering a direct flight from the UK to Italy.

Florence to London.

Meridiana also flies between Italy and France, Spain, the Netherlands, Greece, Moldova, Serbia, Israel, Egypt, Kenya and Senegal.

Click here to book a flight to Italy with Meridiana.

Ryanair has alot of routes between The United Kingdom and Italy.
RyanAir routes include:

Rome to London, East Midlands, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Milan (Bergamo) to London, East Midlands, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow.
Venise to London and Liverpool.
Pisa to London, East Midlands, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Parma to London.
Genoa to London.
Bologna to London, Birmingham and Edinburgh.
Trieste to London, Birmingham and Bristol.
Bari to London.
Brindisi to London.
Palermo (Sicily) to London
Trapani (Sicily) to London and Birmingham.
Cagliari (Sardinia) to Bristol, Manchester and Edinburgh.
Olbia (Sardinia) to Birmingham.
Alghero (Sardinia) to London and Liverpool.

Outside the UK, Ryanair also links Italy with Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Austria, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Romania and Slovakia.

Click here to book a cheap RyanAir flight to Italy

Fly Thomas Cook operates flights between several cities in the UK and Italy:

Brescia to Belfast, Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester.
Catania (Sicily) to London Gatwick and Manchester.
Naples to Bristol, east Midlands, London Gatwick and Manchester.
Olbia (Sardinia) to London Gatwick and Manchester.
Rimini to London Gatwick and Manchester.
Turin to London Gatwick and Manchester.
Verona to London Gatwick and Manchester.
Venice to London Gatwick and Manchester.

Click here to book with Fly Thomas Cook.

Windjet, the low cost carrier from Sicily. They have the following routes:

Forli (near Bologna) to London
Catania to London
Palermo to London.

Windjet also offers low cost flights to Russia, France, Spain, Germany, The Czech Republic, malta, Romania, Latvia, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Click here to book a low cost flight to Sicily with Windjet

Airlines with special offers to Italy from the United Kingdom

Alitalia is Italy's national airline. It's not a low cost carrier, but you can find some hot deals and get to Italy for £100 return.
Alitalia and its partners ( like Air France or KLM) serve the whole world.

Click Here to book a flight with Alitalia

Britain's National Airline has some surprising low fares that can competite with low cost airlines.

Click here to book you flight with British Airways

Other Low cost airlines in Italy

Air Berlin is one of the biggest airlines in Germany, and they offer low cost flight to all over Europe and some destinations far away.

Click here to visit Air Berlin's Website

Air Italy is an Italian airline with low fares and charter flights.

Air Italy's network of domestic flights include:

Bari to Verona
Naples to Catania, Torino and Verona
Rome to Verona
Turin to Naples
Verona to Bari, Rome and Naples.

Catania to Naples

Long haul Air Italy destinations include:

Milan to Fortaleza, Maceio, Natal, Salvador Bahía and Porto Seguro
Rome to Fortaleza and Maceio
Verona to Fortaleza

Milan to Nossi Be
Rome to Nossi Be

Click here to book a low cost flight with Air Italy.

Blu Express operates a domestic Italian low cost network with flights starting from 14,99€ inclusive tax.
They also have some long haul destinations, which are branded as Blu Panorama. One of their greatest offers is flights from Italy to Thailand from 399€ return.

Blu Express domestic low cost flights include:

Rome to Brindisi, Catania, Cagliari, Genova, Olbia, Palermo, Lamezia Terme, Torino, Verona.

Blu Express international destinations are:

Milan to Havana
Rome to Cayo Largo, Havana and Santiago De Cuba

Rome to Nice

Milan to Bangkok and Phuket
Rome to Bangkok and Phuket

Click here to book a flight with Blu Express

Click here to book a flight with Brussels Airlines Brussels Airlines is born from the Belgian low cost carrier Virgin Express and Belgium's national Airlines SN Airlines. Now they're offering the best of both worlds: no-frills flights, and a bit more of comfort for an additional price.
Brussels Airlines fly to several destinations in Europe but also serve Africa and Asia.

Click here to visit Brussels Airlines website

Condor is a German charter / low cost carrier who's been around for decades.
The offer cheap flights all around Europe, but they also serve long haul destinations in the Carbibean, Asia and Africa.

Click here to visit Condor's website

GermanWings is one of the biggest low cost cost carriers in Germany.
They serve several destinations in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as some popular holiday destinations.
And the best part? Their flights start from 19,99€ one way including tax!

Click here to book a flight with GermanWings.

Norwegian Air Shuttle was born in Norway, but nowadays the airline has bases in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. It's one of the fastest-growing low cost networks in Europe.

Click here to book a flight with Norwegian

SmartWings is a low cost carrier based in Prague. They's fly you low cost to the Czech republic from several places in Europe and even as far as Dubai.

Click here to book a flight with Smart Wings

ThomsonFly is one the biggest Charter / low cost airlines in the UK. They will take you to some holiday destinations like the Caribbean or the Med for really unbeliavable prices.

Click here to book your flight with ThomsonFly.

TuiFly is the German partner from ThomsonFly.
They have flights to several European destinations from 29€, and some far away destinations like Cape Verde, Egypt, Israel and Algeria.

Click here to buy a flight with TuiFly

Transavia started in the Netherlands but nowadays the airline has bases in France and Denmark.
The airline is owned by Air France / KLM, which means good quality even if you fly low cost.

Click here to book a flight with Transavia

Vueling is the biggest low cost airline in Spain, but they also have bases in Italy.
Vueling flies to several airports in Western and Southern Europe from 30€ per way including tax.

Click here to book a flight with Vueling.

WizzAir is a very fast-growing airline from Central Europe. They have bases in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.
Flights with Wizzair start at 14,99€ including tax, which is great value for money.

Click here to visit WizzAir's website.

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