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The Low Cost Airlines Guide to Iceland

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Iceland is a beautiful country... and a bit off the beaten track.

Iceland is not well served by sea or by air, and few airlines fly to the country.
The main airport is Reykjavik, but some international flights arrive to Akureyri

Fortunately, a few low cost airlines have made their way to Iceland so nowadays it's possible to travel there quite cheap.
Iceland even has its own low cost airline: Iceland Express.

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Low cost flights between the United Kingdom and Iceland

Iceland Express provides one low cost link between Iceland and the UK:

Reykjavik to London Gatwick

Iceland Express' routes are not the same year round. Some of the following flights will only be available during the summer season:

Akureyri to Copenhagen
Reykjavik to Aalborg, Billund and Copenhagen

Reykjavik to Paris.

Reykjavik to Berlin, Friedrichshafen and Frankfurt / Hahn.

Reykjavik to Bologna.

The Netherlands :
Reykjavik to Eindhoven.

Reykjavik to Krakow and Warsaw.

Reykjavik to Alicante and Barcelona.

Reykjavik to Gothenburg.

Reykjavik to Basel and Geneva.

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Airlines with special offers to Iceland from the United Kingdom

Icelandair is Iceland's main airline. The usually provide some of the cheapest flights between Europe and North America, so a 2-day stop in Reykjavik can be value for money.

Icelandair routes from the UK are:

Reykjavik to Glasgow, London Heathrow and Manchester.

Icelandair also serves the following Destinations:

Reykjavik to Halifax and Toronto.

Reykjavik to Copenhagen

Reykjavik to Helsinki.

Reykjavik to Paris.

Reykjavik to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich.

Reykjavik to Milan

The Netherlands :
Reykjavik to Amsterdam.

Reykjavik to Bergen, Oslo and Stavenger.

The United States Of America :
Reykjavik to Boston, New York (JFK), Orlando, St Paul and Seattle.

Reykjavik to Barcelona and Madrid.

Reykjavik to Gothenburg and Stockholm.

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Other Low cost airlines in Iceland

Air Berlin operates low cost flights between Austria, Germany and Iceland:

Reykjavik to Vienna.

Reykjavik to Düsseldorf and Munich.

Click here to visit Air Berlin's Website

Cheap flights with GermanWings

GermanWings has a low cost link between Germany and Iceland:

Reykjavik to Cologne / Bonn

Click here to book a low cost flight to Iceland with GermanWings.

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