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The Low Cost Airlines Guide to Dubai and the Emirates

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Dubai has become a major tourist and business destination in recent years.

It's now surprise that the gateway to Arabia has now some very busy airports.

Few low cost airlines fly into Dubai from the UK and Europe. the reason is simple: local carriers have very low fares (due to low local petrol prices) and an unmatched service.

Thus, flying airlines like Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways can be as cheap as the lowest fares you can find on budget carriers from elsewhere in Europe.
Nevertheless, The United Arab Emirates have the own low cost airline: Air Arabia. So maybe prices can get lower sometime, if they open more routes to Europe.

Enjoy reading this low cost airlines guide to Dubai and the Emirates, and get your cheapest flights to the Middle East and beyond.

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Low cost flights between the United Kingdom and Sweden

Virgin Atlantic is currently the only the only low cost airline providing direct flights from The United Kingdom and Dubai.

That said, Virgin Atlantic's fares are more or less the same than Emirates, British Airways' or Etihad's lowest fares.

The route is:
Dubai to Londow Heathrow.

Click here to visit Virgin Atlantic Website

Airlines with special offers to Dubai from the United Kingdom

British Airways provides some really low fares to Dubai.
Currently, the only route served is:

Dubai ro London Heathrow.

Click here to book you flight with British Airways

Emirates is Dubai's main airline. It has some surprising low fares, but still you can travel in luxury and brand new planes, including the mighty A380.

With direct flights to Dubai from five UK Airports, Emirates is probably the best choice to get to the Middle East.

Emirates has the following direct flights to Dubai from the United Kingdom:

Dubai to Birmingham, Glasgow, London Heathrow, Manchester and Newcastle.

Emirates also serves other countries in Europe like Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Switzerland and more.

Emirates has a worldwide network covering all five continents.

Click here to book you flight with Emirates

Etihad is the United Arab Emirates' national airline.
It's based at Abu Dhabi's airport, just outside of Dubai.

Etihad serves several destinations in the world and has one of the best on board services worldwide.

Etihad has direct flights from
Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow, providing onward connections to several UK cities.

Book here your flight with Etihad

Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar. Actually it's one of the best airlines in the world in terms of service, but Qatar Airways also offers some of the lowest available fares from the UK, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Qatar Airways Serves two airports in The UK: Manchester and London Heathrow.

Qatar Airways also serves several countries in Europe such as France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Book here your low fare Qatar Airways flight

Other Low cost airlines in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Air Arabia is the low cost airline from the United Arab Emirates.
It is based in Sharjah, the Emirate just beside Dubai.

Air Arabia has several routes from Sharjah to Asia, Africa and Europe.

Some of Air Arabia routes are:

Sharjah to Alexandria and Luxor

Sharjah to Athens

Sharjah to Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Kochi, Mumbai, Trinvadrum

Sharjah to Teheran and Shiraz

Sharjah to Amman

Sharjah to Nairobi

Sharjah to Kathmandu

Sharjah to Muscat

Sri Lanka:
Sharjah to Colombo

Sharjah to Alep and Damascus

Sharjah to Istanbul

Sharjah to Kiev

Click here to visit Air Arabia Website for more information on routes

Condor is one of the main low fare operators in Dubai. Fares start at 149€ one way including taxes.

The airline provides several flights per week between Germany and the United Arab Emirates.
Condor's route is:

Dubai to Frankfurt

Click here to visit Condor's website

Dubai on Low cost flights with Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle is the only airline providing low cost flights from Northern Europe to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Norwegian Air Shuttle flies to Dubai from the following cities and countries:

Dubai to Oslo

Dubai to Stockholm

Click here to book a flight to Dubai with Norwegian

Smart Wings operates flights between Hungary, The Czech Republic and Dubai.

Smart Wings routes include:

Czech Republic:
Dubai to Prague

Dubai to Budapest

Click here to book a flight with Smart Wings

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